Preventative Maintenance on Your Air Conditioning System

Have you ever heard the saying “spend money now, in order to save more money later?” That saying is crucial in the HVAC world. Comprehensive tune-ups can help prevent major problems before they occur. If you’re needing to correct a poorly performing AC unit or install a new system, Patriot Mechanical provides quality service in the industry.

Summers in Arizona are especially hot, which is why preventative maintenance and repairs on your Air Conditioning unit is so important. The purpose of preventative maintenance is to keep your HVAC systems running throughout the spring and summer seasons with no surprise problems or breakdowns. Scheduling preventative maintenance on your unit twice a year enables you to begin the cooling seasons with efficient and reliable service operating at the maximum efficiency and also can help detect and correct smaller issues early, before they cause significant and expensive problems later on.

One way in which regular maintenance can help preserve the life and efficiency of your AC unit is by lowering utility costs. What I mean by this is, if an AC unit is neglected it loses its ability to perform at the same level of efficiency it once did. With most Arizonians running their AC units year-round, energy bills can reach astronomical levels. Servicing your HVAC system will enable it to consume less energy which in turn lowers your utility costs.

Another reason preventative maintenance is beneficial, is to keep electrical issues at bay and replace old and worn out parts that can prevent your unit from working properly and providing comfortable air. A trained technician can inspect all wiring and electrical connections and fix loose and worn out wires before they cause a power loss that can take out your entire HVAC system. Operating with worn belts or pulleys can cause snaps which you will then find yourself without cooling. We all know living in Arizona, staying cool is a top priority for all of us. Scheduling a preventative maintenance and inspection can enable a service technician to see that a belt is worn and replace it immediately before it causes your system to shut down.

Still needing another reason to maintain your AC unit? Regular preventative maintenance improves indoor air quality as well as your health. Cleaning your filters and evaporator coils can help reduce pollen presence and mold particles, which may exacerbate asthma systems and allergy issues. Scheduling a tune up twice a year is the absolute best way to maintain a healthy and comfortable environment while keeping your AC unit functioning efficiently. We have trained HVAC technicians ready to serve you and your facility. During this time, we are aware of the high need for additional PPE. Each of our technicians are prepared with masks and gloves and will be taking precautions and working safety.

Preventative maintenance on your Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is something that everyone should take very seriously, whether you want to save money, protect your employees and families, improve AC efficiency, or prevent a mid-season breakdown of your entire system.

What other HVAC efficiency measures do you take? Share this post and tell us how you keep your AC unit running at top notch. We at Patriot Mechanical would love to share your tips and tricks with our community.

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